Sea Hawk BC

Sea Hawk BC
Product name : Sea Hawk BC
Item : Baitcast Reel
Details :
Light Al Alloy Body Cover
Forged AL Alloy spool ,Normal or Shallow spool for chosen
High quality Stainless steel ball bearing
Forged Al Alloy Star-shape wrench with hollow out design
Light and Gorgeous Easy to control Brake
One way clutch ball bearing instant reverse brake
The Centrifugal outgoing line buffer system
Easy to release the spool,open the cover handily
Simultaneous guide line make outgoing line more smoothly
Alu alloy handle with comfortable soft rubber knob,optional lightweight aluminum knob
Model Ratio Line Per Handle Tum One Way Bearing Normal Spool Line Cap. (M-mm) Shallow Spool Line Cap. (M-mm)
BC100 5.0:1 50cm Y 6-10 0.25/180,0.3/125,0.35/90 0.2/220,0.25/140,0.3/110
BC150 5.0:1 57cm Y 6-10 0.3/210,0.35/160,0.4/120 0.25/220,0.3/150,0.35110
BC200 5.0:1 61cm Y 6-10 0.35/240,0.4/185,0.45/145 0.3/230,0.435170,0.4/130
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